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If you have been to Bali, you will understand what a richly diverse culture there is, together with outstanding natural beauty, glorious beaches, lush green hills and rice paddies and, of course, its lovely people.

If you’ve never been before then our retreats are a great way to see and understand the best that Bali has to offer whilst pursuing your passions in art, writing or cooking.In addition to these retreats, we can offer complete mind and body rejuvenation, with yoga, massage, meditation and complete wellness programmes, designed to order.

Villa Asri is set in a tranquil and naturally beautiful environment, yet only 15 minutes from Canggu or 30 minutes from Ubud or Seminyak.

See more on Villa Asri here.


Coming in 2018, by popular request, Alive in Paradise is offering the ultimate food lovers vacation to central Italy. A small group will enjoy this exclusive experience, guided by Carol Nunan who brings all her knowledge and experience in this part of Italy.

Commencing in glorious Rome for two nights and then moving to a beautifully appointed farmhouse in Citta Della Pieve. Based at this ancient hilltop town in the green heart of Umbria, you will visit local markets and artisinal cheesemakers to select seasonal produce; learn about the “cucina povera” of Tuscany and Umbria; cook and dine together, and walk the picturesque narrow streets to see medieval sites and sublime paintings. In addition, there will be special treats dining at local trattorie and ristoranti.

You’ll also enjoy day, or half-day trips, to the stunning Duomo in ancient Orvieto and the famous wine and olive regions of Montefalco, Cortona and Montepulciano.

Together with relaxing downtime to just “do your own thing”, this will be two weeks to unwind in a beautiful environment, learn new skills, discover a different side of Italy and make friends. No flags or umbrellas, I promise!


Coming in June 2018, terrific new programmes in both writing and painting. Ah, Paris! What a divine and delicious city she is to discover and at the very heart of what it means to be a painter or writer. Just think of all the “greats” who spent hours in its wonderful cafes and tiny garrets, subsisting on very little whilst creating many great works to give the world. Think Sartre, Lautrec, Hemingway, Joyce, Degas and De Beauvoir, to name just a few.

Just being in Paris liberates ideas and makes you feel truly alive in the midst of greatness.

Staying in great apartments on the inspirational Left Bank and Le Marais, with mentoring by experts in their field, walking to see great galleries and tiny hidden gems of antique stores; painting, writing, taking in the whole spirit of Paris  how wonderful!

Please join us for these exciting new retreats with Carol as your host and our expert mentors and teachers.