Our Story

As Australians with many years experience travelling throughout the world and also living in the UK, Italy and Bali, we have been given the opportunity to learn what makes a truly meaningful and enjoyable holiday, beyond the usual break from everyday routine.

We were inspired by learning about other cultures; steeping ourselves in the life of small villages, getting to know the people and soaking up knowledge of the local arts, culture, beliefs, politics and cuisine. This, along with our own specific skills and talents, has led to the creation of “Alive in Paradise”.

If you have always wanted to create art, write your own stories, or cook the best of world cuisines, then “Alive in Paradise” has the ideal holiday package for you! Not only do we offer residential courses in painting, writing and cooking, led by expert practitioners and mentors, but we can also build an exclusive package tailored to your personal requirements, incorporating a wide range of other activities, including nature hikes; yoga retreats; visits to cultural and historical sites in Europe or Asia; learning batik in the hills of Bali, or more adventurous pursuits.

Let us know what you would like to see and do and we will use our local knowledge to find the best available. Just ask!

Our People

Carol Nunan spent many years in all aspects of hospitality management, interior design and professional catering. She has lived and worked in Bali and Italy, speaks fluent Italian and ran her own cooking school in Tuscany. An excellent host and teacher, Carol is keen to pass on her cooking skills, including regional Italian and south-east Asian dishes, as well as imparting fascinating local knowledge.

Shelley Kenigsberg is a prominent freelance editor, writer and trainer.

In her 30-year career in publishing she has commissioned new titles (educational, fiction and non-fiction) and edited for Australia’s most respected publishing companies.

Shelley has been a writing mentor for authors privately and via the Australian Society of Authors. She works with authors who are preparing to submit for publication or going the route of independent publishing.

Shelley presents long and short courses in editing and writing at literary festivals and at writers’ centres around Australia, in Indonesia and in Singapore.

She has been Head of Book Editing and Publishing at Sydney’s premier independent university, Macleay College, for 24 years and active in Australian national and state editing societies, serving terms as President and Vice President of NSW Society of Editors.

See more of Shelley’s work here.

Margaret Underdown is a well-known Queensland artist who, whilst eminently skilled and a natural in oil painting, has a highly-evolved sense of colour-mixing and texture, craft and application, with a unique ability to pass on her knowledge to others. She is in demand throughout the country, not only for her vibrant paintings but her skills in furniture decoration, trompe l’oeil and impeccable interiors.